Ingemar Cato, Rodney L. Stevens

Gerard De Geer – a pioneer in Quaternary geology in Scandinavia


The paper presents a pioneer in Quaternary geology, both internationally and in Scandinavia – the Swedish geologist and professor Gerard De Geer (1858–1943). This is done, first by highlighting one of his most important contributions to science – the varve chronology – a method he used to describe the Weichselian land–ice recession over Scandinavia, and secondly by the re-publication of a summary article on Gerard De Geer’s early scientific achievement in 1881–1906 related to the Baltic Sea geology, written by his wife, Ebba Hult De Geer.


Keywords Gerard De Geer; Clay varves; Varve chronology; Glacial and Postglacial; Quaternary geology; Baltic Sea

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