Štuopis, A., Juodkazis, V., Mokrik, R.

Quaternary aquifer system flow modelling using chemical and tritium isotope data: the case of south-east Lithuania


The hydrogeological schematisation of the multi-layered stratigraphical sequence and the results of groundwater flow modelling by MODFLOW code for the Quaternary aquifer system of the south-eastern part of Lithuania have been discussed in the paper. The regional groundwater steady-state flow model has been calibrated applying hydrochemical and isotope data. A tritium isotope data set for groundwater in upland, transit and lowland sites has been used to identify the flow model for water residence time.

Doi https://doi.org/10.5200/baltica.2012.25.09

Keywords Groundwater flow model; Tritium isotope; Hydrogeological schematisation; Lithuania

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