Emelyanov, E. M., Vaikutienė, G.

Holocene environmental changes during tran sition Ancylus-Litorina stages in the Gdansk Basin, south-eastern Baltic Sea


Two sediment cores have been obtained from the southern and eastern parts of the Gdansk Basin for lithological, geochemical and diatom analysis. The data revealed provides information about environmental changes during the transition of the Ancylus Lake to the Litorina Sea stages. The Ancylus Lake transgression and regression phases have been well traced in the diatom flora of the shallower, eastern slope of the Gdansk Depression, whereas mentioned water level changes have not been detected in the deepwater (southern) part of the basin. The Litorina Sea has been clearly defined according to geochemical, lithological and diatom analysis. The Initial Litorina Sea transition was observed as gradually increasing numbers of brackish water diatoms and higher contents of Corg and N in the sediments, when saline water influx reached the basin before 7600±184 cal. yr BP. 

Doi https://doi.org/10.5200/baltica.2013.26.08

Keywords Diatoms; Geochemistry; Ancylus Lake; Litorina Sea; Holocene; Gdansk Basin; Baltic Sea

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