Paškauskas, S., Vekeriotienė, I.

Hypsometric assessment of the pre-last Glaciation (Late Saalian) topography, the south-east Lithuania


The article deals with the hypsometric assessment of the pre-last Glaciation (Late Saalian) topography which represents a glaciogenic landforms of the Medininkai stadial in south-east Lithuania. The study area belongs to two elevations as orographic units: the Lyda Plateau and the Ašmena Upland. Cartometric topography analysis has been performed in nine reference areas based on large-scale (1:25 000) cartographic maps. The topographic relative height varies from 11.8 m to 30.6 m and depends on the surface altitude (correlation coefficient R = 0.85). The correlation links between the base and top surfaces (R = 0.74–0.92), concave-convex graph of hypsometric curves and value of hypsographic integrals (0.45–0.58) indicate that in general pre-last Glaciation topography of south-east Lithuania at the present stays in equilibrium conditions.


Keywords Hypsometric analysis; Late Saalian; pre-last Glaciation; Middle Pleistocene; south-east Lithuania

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