Mėžinė, J., Zemlys, P., Gulbinskas, S.

A coupled model of wave-driven erosion for the Palanga Beach, Lithuania


A model of the coastline dynamics along the Palanga Beach, Lithuania is developed through coupling of the GENESIS software with the external wave model RCPWAVE that accounts for the recent bottom topography. Analysis of the calibration and verification results of the coupled model shows that it reproduces the coastline dynamics reasonably well and can serve as an effective tool for coastal management. The largest discrepancies between the observed and modelled behaviour of the coastline occur near the Rąžė River mouth.

Doi https://doi.org/10.5200/baltica.2013.26.17

Keywords Coastline dynamics; Model calibration; Model verification; GENESIS; RCPWAVE; Palanga Beach; Lithuania

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