Uścinowicz, G.

Impact craters and the extraterrestrial matter in their surroundings: case of Morasko (Poland) and Kaali (Estonia)


Investigations have been carried out in the area of meteorite impact craters within the Quaternary deposits in Morasko and the Silurian bedrock in Kaali. Both surface destructions occurred during the fall of cosmic bodies that induced formation of magnetic fine-grained material. The presence of extraterrestrial spherules in Morasko and Kaali and their cosmic origin state prove such a composition and character of the surface. Moreover, the amount of magnetic fraction is increased in the sediments in the environs of craters in relation to their surroundings. However, impact of similar meteorites under similar environmental conditions can generate various morphological, mineralogical and natural effects. Common features of the described areas are the occurrence of collateral craters, their formation in sedimentary rocks and presence of high amounts of extraterrestrial spherules in their environs.

Doi https://doi.org/10.5200/baltica.2014.27.03

Keywords impact craters, extraterrestrial matter, Kaali, Morasko

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