Gadeikis, S., Dundulis, K., Gadeikytė, S., Urbaitis, D., Gribulis, D.

Geotechnical properties of compacted clays as buffer and backfill


The purpose of the investigation is to assess local clay soils of different composition, physical state and mechanical properties as a base and construction material for establishment of landfills for radioactive waste. The investigations have been carried out for three clay soil types of different age and origin in order to assess the potential of this clay to be used for the establishment of engineering barriers, as well as the base and slopes of landfills. The investigations have been performed by laboratory and field methods for both the natural as well as the disturbed and compacted soils. In order to assess the soil to be used for fill-ins (aggregate), field investigations have been performed at a special test site. Changes in geotechnical features of the soils were observed at the test site in autumn and spring. Seasonal investigations enabled to assess the compacted clay soils according to changes of their features over time.


Keywords compacted clay, buffer, backfill, waste, numerical simulation, Stabatiškės, Lithuania

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