Szymczak, E., Szmytkiewicz, A.

Sediment deposition in the Puck Lagoon (Southern Baltic Sea, Poland)


The article describes present-day processes related to sediment flux and deposition in the Puck Lagoon, southern Baltic Sea). In situ sediment traps were used for determining the sediment properties in the lagoon and its tributaries. Both sediment sources and the volume of incoming sediment were taken into account and a distinct zone of sediment deposition was discovered in the central part of the Puck Lagoon. The rate of sediment deposition in the Rzucewo Deep exceeded 8.0 mm y-1, whereas in other parts of the Puck Lagoon it ranged from 1.9-3.9 mm y-1. These findings provide the basis for predicting future sedimentation conditions in the Puck Lagoon.


Keywords sediment deposition rate, sediment flux, sediment traps

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