Jakimavičius, D., Gailiušis, B., Šarauskienė, D., Jurgelėnaitė, A., Meilutytė-Lukauskienė, D.

Assessment of the riverine hydrokinetic energy resources in Lithuania


The hydro-energy resources are considered as promising renewable energy sources, which emphasizes the need for assessment of theoretical hydrokinetic energy resources stored in Lithuanian rivers. This article presents the results of an investigation of the theoretical hydrokinetic energy in small and medium-size rivers. A total of 282 rivers (1487 segments) were examined and the relationships were established for evaluation of their hydrological and morphological indicators, such as river depth, width, and flow velocity. Only 41 rivers (328 segments) were identified as having a theoretical hydrokinetic potential. The total length of these valuable river segments reaches 2000 km. The estimated kinetic energy capacity calculated for a 1 km channel segment is 45.3 kW in South-eastern, 40.8 kW in Western, and 38.2 kW in Central Lithuania.

Doi https://doi.org/10.5200/baltica.2014.27.23

Keywords hydrokinetic energy resources, hydrological and morphological equations

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