Kostrzewski, A., Zwoliński, Zb., Winowski, M., Tylkowski, J., Samołyk, M.

Cliff top recession rate and cliff hazards for the sea coast of Wolin Island (Southern Baltic)


Abstract. The article presents results of studies on the rate of erosion of the Wolin Island cliff-coast (NW Poland) during the last three decades. Trends of geomorphological changes were defined based on multiannual observations (1984–2014). Changes were controlled by secular and extreme processes. Research has shown that the intensity of the processes shaping the Wolin Island cliff-coast were characterized by a clear seasonal variability. Analysis of hydro-meteorological conditions allowed the authors to derive the threshold values of the most important factors initiating cliffs hazard. The destruction of the cliff, differing in range, occurs in the above-threshold conditions. Multiannual research and direct observations of the functioning of the cliff-coast conducted herein provided the basis for proposing the safety shield and information system about the cliff hazard.

Doi https://doi.org/10.5200/baltica.2015.28.10

Keywords cliff coast, cliff top recession, cliff hazard, cliff protection

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