Blažauskas, N., Grigelis, A., Gelumbaus­kai­tė, L. Ž., Gulbinskas, S., Suzdalev, S., Ferrarin, Ch.

Towards sustainable use of marine resources in the south-eastern Baltic Sea (Lithuania): a review


Abstract. The article provides a consistent insight into the results and experience related to the implementation of activities fostering the development of marine economy in Lithuania. EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and the Blue Growth concept explicitly focuses on maintenance of the good status of the marine environment of the European seas. Recently developed Lithuanian integrated maritime spatial plan aims to create the favourable conditions for sustainable development of marine economy, and particularly the offshore wind energy. Proposed and tested innovative solutions for selection of new disposal sites as well as handling the dredged soil in ports, contributes to more environmentally sound and economically feasible operations of the south-eastern Baltic Sea ports.


Keywords blue economy, marine spatial planning, beneficial use

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