Kulawiak M.

Operational algae bloom detection in the Baltic Sea using GIS and AVHRR data


Abstract During the blooming season, algal colonies can, in extreme cases, cover up to 200 000 square kilometres of the Baltic Sea water surface. Because the position and shape of the blooms may significantly change in a very short time due to the influence of wind and waves, regular monitoring of the blooms’ development is necessary. Currently, the desired monitoring frequency  may only be achieved by means of remote sensing. The article presents a novel method of AVHRR data processing for the purpose of detection of algal blooms in the Baltic Sea. Instead of analysing the value of spectral reflectance of the algae, the algorithm analyses the frequency distribution of normalized difference in reflectance between the visible and near-infrared spectral bands. The proposed method has been implemented and tested as part of an operational Geographic Information System.

Doi https://doi.org/10.5200/baltica.2016.29.02

Keywords GIS, algae, AVHRR, remote sensing, geovisual analytics

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