Dragon K.

Impact of human activity on groundwater chemistry (Wielkopolska region, Poland)


The article identifies the effects of human activity on groundwater chemistry in the regional aquifer system located in the Wielkopolska region (western Poland). It was documented using statistical methods, that the main process influencing the groundwater chemistry is connected to contamination. The impact of contamination is evident in regions without sewers and where the aquitard is relative thin. Chloride and sulphatewere found most influenced by pollution from surface sources. Total hardness is also sensitive, but its behavior is controlled by geogenic processes as well. Factor analyses are a reliable tool for recognizing contamination’s impact on groundwater chemistry, especially for cases with a relatively low contamination level, when contamination is related to natural occurring water components. This research is important for implementing groundwater protection plans at the regional scale. These interpretations may be used to manage water resources better at the regional scale.

Doi https://doi.org/10.5200/baltica.2016.29.08

Keywords Keywords • groundwater contamination • factor analysis • groundwater chemistry

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