Kosmoswska-Ceranowicz B., Sachanbiński M., Łydżba-Kopczyńska B.

Analytical characterization of “Indonesian amber” deposits: evidence of formation from volcanic activity

Abstract In this study the new mineralogical and geochemical evidence for the reason behind intensive resin production in trees and the formation of Indonesian resin deposits is presented. The analysed specimens of the “Indonesian amber” were subjected to the following comprehensive investigations: PAS, IR, RS XRD and SEM-EDS. It was found that the resins are originated due to intensive volcanic activity. Based on spectroscopic investigations, “Indonesian amber” was assigned to the glessite group. The investigations revealed that the traces of volcanic activity have survived in the studied specimens in their structure were the presence of tonstein and inorganic minerals are related to volcanic phenomena. “Floating” in opaque solid–foam resin indicated that resinous substance was strongly heated trough volcanic activity.

Doi http://dx.doi: 10.5200/baltica.2017.30.06

Keywords amber • resinous substance • glessite group • volcanic activity • Miocene

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