Rucińska-Zjadacz, M., Rudowski, S., Wróblewski, R.

Seismic architecture of the tip of the Hel Peninsula, Poland

Abstract The article presents results of a pioneering research on the main geological features of the Hel Peninsula based on the analysis of seismic profiles and their comparison with geological cross-sections made on the basis of drillings. The following three parts of the tip structure have been identified: barrier basement (1), barrier core (2) and barrier upper part (3). Seismic facies distinguished therein were subsequently geologically interpreted as follows: Cretaceous marl and limestone (1.1), glacial till and diamicton (1.2), silt and clay of limnoglacial/limnic/marine origin (1.3), barrier sand of the core (2), and sand and peat of the barrier upper part (3). Geological cross-sections covering the geological structure of the tip of the Hel Peninsula underwater slope and the surrounding seabed. The slope base and the distal sand colluvium extent on the seafloor were determined. This paper is the first to present a crosswise section in this part of the Hel Peninsula.


Keywords Seismic profiling • Seismic facies • Sandy barrier • Gulf of Gdańsk

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