Stivrins, N., Lamsters, K., Karušs, J., Krievāns, M., Rečs, A.

Spheroidal carbonaceous particles in cryoconite sediment on the Russell glacier, Southwest Greenland

Abstract In this study, we analysed the organic and inorganic content of the cryoconite holes along the altitudinal gradient at the lower elevations of the Russell glacier ablation zone in Southwest Greenland. We specifically focus on less studied industrial microscopic spheroidal carbonaceous particles (SCP; part of black carbon) to get more insights about their accumulation patterns on the glacier surface. We found no clear SCP distribution pattern, including concentration values. This outcome underlines the complexity of the ice margin zone and draws attention for further research on this topic with the inclusion of multiyear evaluation of SCP concentration at the even wider area that could possibly give results that can be compared to the emission source and long-way air pollution validation. In addition, our results indicate that during the summer of 2016, algae composition was formed of both green algae (Chlamydomonadaceae, Mesotaeniaceae) and cyanobacteria (Oscillatoriaceae). Green algae had a larger relative proportion than cyanobacteria in the cryoconite holes throughout the studied gradient.


Keywords Arctic • Greenland Ice Sheet • spheroidal carbonaceous particles • mineral matter

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