Tadas Tamošiūnas, Šarūnas Skuodis, Gintaras Žaržojus

Overview of the Quaternary sediments deformation modulus dependence on testing methodology


The surface of earth on the territory of Lithuania is covered by sediments of the Quaternary system, which are the object of human economic activities. Reliable assessment of sediment deformations is an important task of modern engineering geology and geotechnical engineering. The deformation of sediments is most often described using the modulus of deformation. The current article overviews different methods employed in deformation moduli determination and their application possibilities. The deformation moduli, which are used in various calculations, are usually calculated using correlation formulas and empirical coefficients. Thus, the obtained results may be inaccurate or completely unsuitable for further interpretation of the numerical situation. This article presents recommendations with regard to the use of various calculated deformation moduli in interpreting Lithuanian Quaternary system sediments.

Doi https://doi.org/10.5200/baltica.2020.2.6

Keywords secant modulus of deformation; residual modulus of deformation; dynamic modulus of deformation; oedo­meter; triaxial compression test apparatus; CPT

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