Domas Gribulis, Kastytis Dundulis, Saulius Gadeikis, Sonata Gadeikienė

Undrained shear strength of glacial till soils and its determining factors

Abstract This article presents results of the test conducted on the undrained shear strength of till clayey soils of Eastern Lithuania, which are characterized by rigid and very stiff consistency and low plasticity. According to the classification of soils presented in LST EN ISO 14688–2:2018 Geotechnical Investigation and Testing – Identification and Classification of Soil − Part 2: Principles for a Classification, the tested soils are classified as sandy low plasticity clays. The undrained shear strength was tested using the triaxial compression (unconsolidated undrained) method. The test results showed that peculiarities of the particle size distribution had a crucial impact on the undrained strength of these soils, i.e. on the correlation of clay and fine silt fractions with the rest of soil components.


Keywords particle size distribution; tills; optimal soil mixture; soil framework

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