Alan Stevenson

The European marine observation and data network – geological data


A brief report highlights the progress made during the 1st phase of the EMODnet–Geology Project (2009–2012). The project aims to bring togheter marine geological information from the European seas. All public available data on the sea-bed sediments, seafloor geology, geological boundaries and faults , rate of coastal erosion and sedimentation, geological events and event probabi1ities, seismic profiles; and minerais including aggregates, oil and gas have been compiled into the map layers at 1:1 million scale stored on the One Geology–Europe portal ( The project area covered the Baltic Sea, Greater North Sea and Celtic Sea; however, the EC have extended the geographical area of the programme to include, for example, the Mediterranean and Black seas, and have increased the resolution of compiled information to 1:250 000 scale.


Keywords Marine observation, Data network, Geology, Environment, Sediment, European seas

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