Vitalii Martyniuk, Vasyl Korbutiak, Ihor Hopchak, Ivan Kovalchuk, Ivan Zubkovych

Methodology for assessing the geoecological state of landscape-lake systems and their cartographic modelling (case study of Lake Bile, Rivne Nature Reserve, Ukraine)

Abstract The reassessment of the geoecological state of landscape-lake systems (LLS) and their cartographic modelling employing the methodology of landscape limnology has been conducted. The purpose of this study was to characterize the essence of the applied methodology and to evaluate the geoecological state of LLS based on the case study of the Lake Bile basin, Rivne Natural Reserve, Ukraine and to develop cartographic models of the aquatic complex and its catchment as an information basis for the integrated management of water and land resources of LLS and sustainable nature management. The results obtained from the field instrumental research conducted within the Bile Lake basin were used for substantiating the use of laboratory methods and QGIS software, for producing the catchment land use map and assessing the geoecological state of the basin, for developing the bathymetric model of the reservoir and determining hydrological and hydrochemical parameters, for analyzing the lithological composition of the rocks of the exploratory well, elucidation of the genesis of the reservoir, for the first-time production of landscape maps of the natural-aquatic complex and water catchment, and for establishing landscape-metric characteristics of the lake-basin system. The degree of the anthropogenic load on landscape complexes in the 100-meter zone around the lake was assessed. The performed research showed that the conceptual foundations of landscape limnology, as a modern transdisciplinary scientific direction, are an innovative and effective tool for assessing the geoecological state of LLS, and scientifically supporting the integrated management of its water resources and sustainable nature management.


Keywords landscape limnology; lake basin; lake genesis; bathymetric map; hydrochemical state of the lake; natural aquatic complex; geoecological assessment; landscape maps

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