Lapinskis J.

Coastal sediment balance in the eastern part of the Gulf of Riga (2005–2016)

Santrauka A hurricane known as Ervin or Gudrun travelled over Latvia in 8–9 January, 2005. As a result of severe SW and W winds, as well as lack of sea ice, clearly pronounced changes in the distribution of coastal sediment has been induced. Cross-shore profile leveling at various time instants was used to obtain quantitative estimates of the amount of accumulated sediments. The total volume of sediments eroded from the subaerial part of coastal slope reached 0.8 million m3. This paper represents assessment of consequent changes and coastal slope “rebuilding” success after this storm event. The data indicates lack of significant overall net loss of subaerial sediment volume along the most part of the eastern coast of the Gulf of Riga. Significant primary dune growth and beach accumulation is mostly limited to southernmost part of assessed coastal stretch. Total volume of fine sediments in beach and primary dunes still is 5 % lower than before erosion event of 2005. Erosion vulnerability and total length of coastal sections that are expected to be a subject to future coastal retreat is increasing.


Raktažodžiai Gulf of Riga • coastal processes • storms • sediment balance • beach • retreat

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